Become the Face of the Coolest Sportraits in Greenville, SC

Yeah THAT Greenville

Yeah THAT Greenville

Yeah THAT Greenville

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*ALL HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS: male or female athletes; must be High School Juniors
or Seniors (JV or Varsity level athlete) 
* Dancers: must be an intermediate to advanced dancer currently enrolled in a dance school
* Club Sports (e.g: ultimate frisbee, crossfit, rowing, hockey, rugby, martial arts, etc): must be an intermediate to advanced player and be currently enrolled at a club or gym
* Extreme sports: kart, motocross, wake boarding, water-skiing, mountain biking, skateboarding, etc. 
* Preferably enrolled in a High School within the Greenville County
  You will have one of the best sportraits photographers in the country dedicated to creating an epic image of YOU doing what you love most!

 If selected, you will receive a gift certificate from the studio with a total value of 550.00

   The gift certificate entitles you to:

* A custom SPORTRAIT session (valued at 300.00), plus 
* A 250.00 studio credit to use towards a small print or to apply towards a larger wall art piece or collection of prints.
* Become the face of the newest and coolest portrait studio in the Greenville area! 
Sessions are already under way.
- Spots are limited -
   Sabina Cavalli Photography is one of the Top 100 portrait studios in the country and now it is right at your doorsteps!

   The studio has recently expanded its operations from Illinois to Greenville, SC and it is here to revolutionize the way high school senior portraits are created!

   We are about to launch a massive marketing campaign, and we are currently searching for remarkable HS junior and senior athletes to replace our marketing materials with local athletes!

   The Greenville studio is located at 1021 S. Main Street, Suite C, right at the heart of Greenville's west end! We are open Monday Through Friday from 9am until 6pm.

   Sessions and visits to the studio are by appointment only!
Meet the Artist

    "I love to create sportraits!

   I always believed that every person is beautiful in her/his own unique way, but the process of creating sportraits has taught me that
people look their best when they are doing something they love and are good at.  That is when their inner light shines the brightest! When I create sportraits, my main objective is to create something meaningful to that particular athlete, so I listen to their story and that becomes the canvas on which we draw the concept of their sportrait.

     Athletes are disciplined and goal-oriented, so when I explain my vision to them, they embrace it and make it their own, becoming as invested in achieving that result as I am. It is truly a beautiful and dynamic collaboration!  

   I help the athletes project their personality and show off their skills by directing their posing and expression, whilst using composition and lighting to create the mood of the sportrait.

     In return, I get to hang out with these awesome young adults who keep me up-to-date in music trends and let me live vicariously through the stories they tell me about their hobbies and sports (seriously! I learn so much about things I would never be able to experience myself!).

     I am the mom of a former swimmer who is now in college, and a former rhythmic gymnast who has embraced track & field and volleyball after moving to SC (no rhythmic gymnastics teams around here). I am so glad that I was able to photograph them while they were at their best in those sports! We spend too much time sitting in bleachers cheering for them to commit all those years to just memory, boring team photos, and a few badly lit snapshots of their competitions!".

      Sabina Cavalli is the owner of the studio and its Chief Image Creator. 
All images © Sabina Cavalli Photography - 2017

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Sabina is a proud member of the Rotary Club of Greenville, a professor of the Photography Program at Bob Jones University, and serves on the board of PPSC - Professional Photographers of South Carolina, and ASP - American Society of Photographers.

   Sabina is a passionate educator dedicated to helping professional photographers to get better at their craft. Se travels regularly all over the country teaching workshops on subjects such as lighting techniques, studio management, and posing for portraiture. 

  Sabina holds several degrees: PhD in law, Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, and  Fellow-PPANI. She is also a Certified Professional Photographer and serves as a liaison for the State of SC.
  Sabina was nominated 2018 IPC Silver Photographer of the Year. Her multiple awards include: 2017 APPI First Place in Black & White and Portrait categories, 2016 PPANI Overall Second Highest Scoring Image, 2016 PPANI First Place & Third Place Portrait category,  2016 IPC Bronze Photographer of the Year, 2016 SYNC Photographer of the Year, 2015 Grand Imaging Award Finalist, 2015 IPC Bronze Photographer of the Year, 2015 Top 10 imager of North Central District, 2015 APPI Top 10 Illinois Photographer, 2015 SYNC Breakout Photographer of the Year, 2014 PPA-COS Grand Winner.

   Sabina Cavalli Photography was listed among the 2017 - TOP 100 PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIOS in United States by the PHOTOGRAPHY INDUSTRY ELITE MASTERMINDS.